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Examine the tasks you do not like doing as well as those that prevent you from gaining Time to perform actions that can be profitable for your Business. Our Goal is to improve the Efficiency and Productivity for Individuals, Independent Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs while providing Professional, Quality, and Timely Service with honor. The Experienced and Talented Staff Members at Honorable Mention Resources are among the most qualified in the industry.

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  • Do you have a special project/task you need checked off your to-do list?
  • Are you seeking on-going support for your personal and business needs?
  • Do you need assistance getting organized?
  • Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to start?

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What Clients Are Saying About Us

  • "I was looking to get a website established for my business and Tasha was readily available to help.  She was very attentive to details, and had great input and feedback for ideas, and was very receptive to different changes I wanted implemented.  Her professionalism is impeccable from the first consultation, to every follow up after.  She goes above and beyond to ensure the quality of work produced satisfies her clients' standards, and if you are not satisfied, she works that much harder to make sure all details are taken care of.  God sent is an understatement.  Tasha is truly the load reliever to make your life and planning for business as easy as breathing.  I would recommend her for ANY project." - Ron Dowl    
  • "I've had the honor and pleasure to hire Tasha at a time that was very vital to my business.  I was not only moving to a new location, but I also needed my website updated, and some consulting work done.  She sat down with me and she focused on my business needs immediately. If you're wondering how it turned out lets just say I wish I would have known about her services 8 years ago. Thanks Tasha for all that you've done and continue to do for The Mustard Seed!!!" - Owner, The Mustard Seed Barbeque
  • "Tasha can take your business to the next level.  Professional, organized, and dependable, she makes working with her easy and a time saver." - Kathy Malcolm Hall, Professional Counselor, Kathy Malcolm Hall, LLC
  • "Tasha is hands down one of the best techs in the field.  Her resiliency is only matched by her professionalism." - David Symonds, Agero
    David Symonds
  • "Tasha is very detail-oriented and thorough to any task at hand.  She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that her clients benefit from her services.  Always professional, Tasha is able to think and create different services/techniques that is beneficial to clients.  I definitely recommend her excellent services." - Jennifer Del Castillo, Your Mindful Path
    Jennifer Del Castillo
    Your Mindful Path
  • "Honorable Mention Resources, LLC Is an awesome resource for any business that needs a la carte business services and tech support. The experience is intimate, professional and efficient. I recommend using Honorable mention when you need quality service and top level customer care." - David Branch, Program Manager, Morehouse School of Medicine
    David Branch
    Morehouse School of Medicine
  • "I've had the privilege to work with Ms. McCray at Wood Group.  She was very organized and exhibited an exemplary level of professionalism.  I would highly recommend her credentials to anyone.  I would love to work with her again, if the opportunity presented itself." - Clarence Foster, Human Resources, Wood Group
  • "I needed a webinar transcribed for a book project. I hired Tasha and she knocked it out in less than 24 hours! So happy I found her." - Kamilah Beltran, Founder & President, A.D.O. Digital


Solutions For Business Owners

If you own or manage a Small Business, you probably want to plan for the future, take control of your finances, or simply fix nagging problems that impede Productivity. But with so many other pressing concerns, who has the Time?

We do. We do the things you don’t have the Time or Resources to do. Honorable Mention Resources understands the unique challenges that Small Business Owners face, from Managing Day-to-Day Operations to Workflow, Processes, Communication and beyond. We assist Individuals and Business Owners with expertise based on real-world experience. Let us help you focus on the bigger picture.

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