Our Policies

Honorable Mention Resources Reserves The Right To Change, Update, or Modify Policies

By paying and using our services, you are accepting our Terms of Service and Policies

How We Work

Honorable Mention Resources is a Business and All Services and Availability is By Appointment Only.

Contact Preference

Please be advised that due to working with multiple clients our preferred contact method is email for a quicker response.

Unscheduled Phonecalls will result in you being directed to schedule a time to talk.

Any email correspondence that warrants a response will be addressed within 24-48 hours from receipt during business days: Monday - Friday

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

*Subject To Change During Observed Holidays. Honorable Mention Resources Reserves The Right To Change Hours As Necessary

We are available by appointment only in order to ensure Productivity and Quality Service.

Holidays/Office Closing

Honorable Mention Resources will close for the following holidays/dates:

• New Year’s Day - January 1st

• MLK Day - January 21st

• Memorial Day - May 27th

• Independence Day - July 4th

• November 4th

• Thanksgiving Day - Nobember 22nd

• The Day After Thanksgiving - November 23rd

• Christmas Eve - December 24th

• Christmas Day - December 25th

• New Year’s Eve - December 31st


All work will be performed remotely from our office.

Should you request any On-Site Services that are agreed upon, you will be charged a Travel Fee determined by your location as well as an hourly rate determined by details of request.

Paperless Office

Honorable Mention Resources is a paperless office. A paperless office is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. You will receive all documents that require your signature via Docusign or an electronic software to sign electronically and should you need to provide documents, you can scan and email them to us.

Please do not send unsolicited documents or material.

Service Requests

All Services Must Be Booked and Paid In Advance Online

Should you need new services or continued services as an existing client, all requests for services/support must be submitted in writing via email or opening a service ticket.

All requests and communication must come from the client, not third-parties.

Emailed Requests and Tickets can be submitted via email: support@hmrmangement.com

Texts are not to be used to request services, changes, etc.

p>Failure to follow the process can result in not receiving services or service delays


All Clients/Potential Clients must adhere to the policies established by Honorable Mention Resources.

Honorable Mention Resources reserves the right to add and modify processes as necessary.

Honorable Mention Resources Polices are put in place to be followed. Failure to follow processes will result in a strain on the business relationship.

Client Responsibilities

All Communication, Requests, etc are to come from Client and not any third party.

It is the Client's responsibility to to adhere to all processes and policies.

Client is responsible for providing necessary information and details to perform requested services.

Client is responsible for their business. Seeking services does not remove responsibility.


Honorable Mention Resources keeps all Client information confidential and it is not shared with third parties.

Company's copyrighted and original materials and intellectual property is to be kept confidential by the Client. Client shall not be authorized to share, copy, distribute, or otherwise disseminate any materials received from Company electronically or otherwise without the prior written consent of the Company.


Payment to start services is due upfront to secure time investment required to perform services that you will be receiving.

Payment options are upfront monthly retainers to include determined task or block of hours

One time; Short-Term Projects require full payment upfront.

There are No Refunds for payments on services provided as Time is unable to be redeemed. However, we are happy to offer solutions to accommodate you within reason at the discretion of the company.

Late Payments

Late Payments will incur late fees. Any exception is at the sole discretion of Honorable Mention Resources.


Non-Payment will result in immediate suspension of services. No work will be performed.

Non-Payment is a breach of Terms of Service and can result in Termination as a Client, additional fees, and collection activity.

Refund Policy

All Payments/Sales Are Final. There are No Refunds.

Turnaround Times

We take pride in providing fast turnaround times. However, turnaround times vary for the scope or work or task being performed.

Our General Turnaround Time for Correspondence and Non Time Consuming Requests is 24-48 Hours from receipt.

Client Service Request Submission Deadlines

Same Day Turnaround

Must Be Submitted Before: 3:00 PM

Any requests and/or correspondence submitted 3:00 PM or later will be addressed the next business day or the standard 24-48 hours from receipt contingent upon when received.

Rush Jobs

We understand that things pop up and you may need assistance immediately. However, Rush Jobs will incur rush fees.

This applies if we choose to accept requests that are not within amicable notice.

Cancellation of Services

Should the Client wish to end the business relationship, a written two week (14 business day) notice should be submitted via email.

Any outstanding balances must be paid in full or can be subject to collection activity.


Honorable Mention Resources reserves the right to terminate the business relationship if there is a strain on the relationship due to refusal to follow processes, lack of respect, non-payment by the client, or at the sole discretion of the company.

Should Honorable Mention Resources decide to Terminate the business relationship, a written notice will be provided releasing all obligations from the business to provide services. There would also be no refunds.

Policies Adherance

As services are provided with a Business to Business Relationship, please understand that your policies or anyone else's do no supersede The Policies of Honorable Mention Resources.


Referrals are our favorite way to gain new business. Any time that you generously make a referral to our business, please let us know.

If you wish to make a referral, please direct your referral to our Discovery Form to submit to us and have them list you as a referral.


The Terms of Services provided are outlined in the Terms of Service section of our website for your review. By using, paying or assessing any part of the services, you agree to all of the Terms and Conditions contained herein and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published and revised from time to time.

The Service Agreement is a written agreement detailing of the services we will be providing to you. We are happy to assist you with additional Services/Requests but all Services require a Service Agreement specifying what services we will be providing to you. Any new request for additional Services must be in writing and will require a new Service Agreement for your signature amending the Service Agreement.

Errors and Omissions (Applicable Projects)

All errors or omissions as a result of omitting information in initial requests by the client will result in an additional revision charge. It is the Client's responsibility to include all necessary details. Continuously attempting to change the scope of work or request will incur additional fees or termination.

Final proofreading is the responsibility of the Client. Client shall proof all materials upon acceptance of the final product. All errors must be reported within 24 hours of delivery for errors by Honorable Mention Resources or the work will be considered accepted.


Honorable Mention Resources Reserves All Rights to its Intellectual Property. Receipt of services or correspondence does not give you rights to distribute or share Intellectual Property. If our relationship should end for any reason, you are to destroy all materials.


Revisions can and will be made to our policies as necessary. Please be sure to regularly review policies as continued payment and use of services is an acceptance agreement with Policies and Terms of Service.

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